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TED Stockings for DVT Prophylaxis

Company Profile


Hindustan Life Care was founded in 1995, to provide medical and surgical disposable products to the medical fraternity all over India. Hindustan Life Care began by importing ECG Electrodes from Graphic Controls Corporation, Canada (at present, it is a part of Tyco Healthcare, USA).  Hindustan Life Care has grown from dealing with simple medical disposable products to even high end equipments used in Intensive Care Units and Super Specialty Surgeries. 

The medical industry in India has changed not only how the hospitals treat the local people, but how the foreigners are attracted to India creating a new culture called Medical Tourism in India.  With the advent of these Corporate Hospitals in India, the promotion for this Medical Tourism has been stepped up and the industry has been booming by leaps and bounds.  Eventually, it has become imperative to offer the products and services of highest quality in par with any developed country.  Hindustan Life Cares’s goal is to continue to connect the world by providing the highest quality of medical products and services.

Management Profile

Hindustan Life Care was founded by a team of enthusiastic and self-motivated youngsters and has grown by multiple times over the years.

The professionally qualified people manage the company with the rich experience in the field of Medical Selling and Bio-Medical Engineering. 

Business Growth

Head quartered in Chennai, Hindustan Life Care has its distributors in all corners of India. Hindustan Life Care has managed to create an established and dedicated distributor network over the past a decade of its experience.  Besides the company has got its own dedicated marketing force in the various cities of the country to represent its products.  The company’s track record is evident from its sales growth in the every quarter of the year. 

Products & Services


Hindustan Life Care offers a variety of products and services for both medical and surgical industries. In addition to providing the simple disposable medical products, Hindustan Life Care also provides high tech equipments used in the IMCUs and the super specialty surgeries.  Hindustan Life Care provides marketing, public relations, sales and service support to all its esteemed customers all over India.

Hindustan Life Care Products

Hindustan Life Care deals with the products that can be categorized in two major faculties. 

  1. Vascular Therapy Products

  2. Anesthesia and Respiratory products.

Vascular Therapy Products: 

Hindustan Life Care is the exclusive distributor for the American Multi-National Giant in Medical World called Tyco Healthcare for its Vascular Therapy Products.

?   TED Anti Embolism Stockings — the product is used to prevent a major life threatening disease called Deep Vein Thrombosis that is bound to attack both medical and surgical patients.  The brand TED has become synonymous to DVT prophylaxis over the past one decade of its presence in India.

?   SCD Sequential Compression System — This is a high tech equipment which helps to prevent the Deep Vein Thrombosis in the HIGH RISK patients such as geriatric patients, obese patients and patients with the history of Deep Vein Thrombosis pre-existing.

Anesthesia and Respiratory Products

Hindustan Life Care entered into this Anesthesia and Respiratory market in the year 1996 by importing the Anesthesia Circuits, Ventilator Circuits and other Respiratory disposable products.  The anesthesia circuits are primarily used in the Operating Theatre and the Ventilator Circuits are used in the Intensive Care Units.  The company could successfully establish an identity for itself by entering into this market.

Today, Hindustan Life Care is a proud supplier of Anesthesia and Respiratory products in its own brand name called LIFETRACK in India.  The company is successfully distributing its products throughout the country through its established and dedicated distributor network. 

Future Plans:

Company has an aggressive growth plans for the future by adding more products to its existing range.  The company is looking for entering into new distribution agreements and open to any such offers.

Commitment to Excellence:

The motto of the company is the COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE.  Whether you are a patient or a doctor or a hospital administrator you can rest assured of the highest standard of quality and best services.

If you are an International Company with the ambitious plans to gain a strong foot hold in India, you can be assured of achieving your budgets, year after year by associating with Hindustan Life Care.

Authored by Gopinath Goswami


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